About Mama Ocllo

Welcome to Mama Ocllo’s Gourmet Peruvian Cookies

Our Story

Mama Ocllo’s is not just an ordinary cookie, but a distinguished one that whisks upamazing fresh Peruvian cookies and delicious treats on a daily basis. Our name Mama Ocllo originates from the wife of the First Inca Manco Capac, who founded the Inca Empire in Peru, South America.
For over 10 years Mama Ocllo's Cookie has been enjoyed by our customers in Los Angeles, California. It was our dream that came true to make delicious gourmet cookies, baked fresh every day, and made from scratch.  Mama Ocllo Cookie is widely known for putting a spicy twist to one of South America’s favorite desserts and has perfected the single exquisite cookie called the Alfajor (which was introduced by the European immigrants).

The acceptance and reaction of our happy clients has made our small business very proud, and it motivates us to continue satisfying our demanding customers by providing them with our exquisite Alfajor.

Our Mission

It i our goal to provide you with the highest quality of mouth-watering cookies that are suitable for all occasions. Mama Ocllo is always conscious of the healthy nourishment and the well-being of all our clients.

Our passion for innovation motivates us to create an unforgettable tasting experience with our gourmet cookies.  We treasure our fresh baking concepts, and we are committed to continue baking these delicious Alfajores that you have already learned to love

What makes the Difference?

The South American Alfajores are typically made from dozens of recipes from different countries, which are all similar but with minor differences in color, taste, and texture. However, Mama Ocllo’s Alfajores have a distinct difference in its soft and light texture that melts in the mouth. We make use of only premium ingredients, and all our gourmet cookies are filled with hand made Dulce de Leche (caramel sauce), thereby giving you a delicious, incredible, tasty sensation with every bite that is consumed.  Our devoted and efficient bakers also ensure that our Alfajores are always of the highest standard of quality and wholesomeness. The Mama Ocllo’s Gourmet Peruvian Cookie is all about classy taste, creative expertise, and impeccable service.  We don't joke about our integrity in the baking business, and that's why
we cherish our customer feedbacks and consumer preferences

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